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My name is Latricia Taylor, I am a Real Estate Agent with eXp Realty in Jacksonville, FL. I am ready to assist you with securing your dream home Taylor Made to fit you and your family. I am also able to represent sellers in accomplishing their goal of selling their homes. I am an Author as well as an Empowerment Strategist (business/life coach). I use my personal experiences and skills to help others create a plan and execute to achieve the dreams or goals for them. I have over 20+ years corporate background and experience which includes overseeing notarizing legal documents and reviewing contracts. In addition, I have 10+ years Entrepreneur experience including running a non-profit organization. I have a strong network of individuals in the Real Estate field that could assist with your various needs to close the deal. I look forward to having you as a client and helping you reach your dream of homeownership - Taylor Made just for you.

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